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Adriana Madrigal

Adriana was an inspiration of life. 

Throughout her young age she knew exactly what she wanted in life and how to achieve it. This was apparent in the way she described herself in five words: humble, perseverance, attentive, hard working and honest. 

Since she was a child, she was determined and dedicated in all that she did. Even though she was quiet, shy, and conserved she decided to dance Folk dance — something that didn’t exactly coincide with her quiet demeanor. However, seeing her dance on stage was quite a surprise — she was filled with courage and exuded confidence and certainty.

From her middle school years she understood that education was the only way to have a better life. This motivated her to work hard in order to obtain good grades and to over-achieve academically. Her perseverance helped her graduate with six diplomas, including the Presidential Award Program diploma signed by President Obama. 

Throughout all that she accomplished she never forget to be herself, a happy girl. She always knew how to keep balance between her family, studies and friends. Adriana took the leap from being a girl to a mature teenager. 

The last years life permitted her to be here, she lived to the fullest and filled with happiness. Almost as if she knew that she didn't have much time to leave a mark on every place and every person she touched with her presence and charisma. 

Her motto was: as soon as you know who you are, what you want and where you are going in life, everything will be easier; but always being honest and thankful with life and everyone. Having this clear focus, she dedicated herself to making a difference by just being Adriana Madrigal. 

She was certain that if each one of us tried to make a difference, by just being ourselves, we would see life totally different and open our minds and do positive things. Not only for ourselves, but for our families and communities as well. 

For her, her community was highly important and that's why she would make time to volunteer in various agencies and organizations. She held great respect to everyone and this helped her get along with everyone. She considered herself a good listener which allowed her to analyze what to say and what not so she wouldn't hurt anyone. 

Her determination motivated her to not place any limits. Keeping in mind that she would have to work really hard to achieve her objectives. 

Adriana was aware that anything she confronted in life, would leave here with two options. One, not do it and have the feeling of what if; or two, do it and give all her effort and have the satisfaction that either good or bad she accomplished it. She always advocated for the second option. That security in itself helped her determine that she could be one of the students to represent her school, Crescent Valley High School, in front of the Corvallis school board. This determination led her to become a member of the National Honor Society, having a lot of honors classes, and win the Martin Luther King Jr scholarship granted by the King Legacy Advisory Board in the City of Corvallis, Oregon. 

Through all of her accomplishments her biggest satisfaction was being a camp counselor at the 4-H summer camps. They filled her with such personal satisfaction and she saw them as an apprenticeship of life. Being able to work with children and in some form, help them, support them, and make them feel good during their stay. 

With that great spirit of leadership, inner fight, well-rounded character and with the help of her family and organizations, she got the opportunity to attend various entertainments and conferences of leadership. This increased her motivation to follow her dreams and goals so much that when an internship opportunity came upon for the Environmental Department and Molecular Toxicology in Oregon State University, at her 16 years of age, she herself did everything necessary so she could be accepted into it. That's how she worked with them until a day before her departure. 

Because of this and many other reasons that identify Adriana as an example to follow, for being a great leader, friend and the best daughter in the universe. It is our plan to carry on her legacy by providing academic scholarships, covering costs of entertainment and conferences for leadership growth for youth who want and show that they want to make a difference in their lives and their community.

At the age of seventeen, she knew exactly what she wanted in life. She had big dreams, high aims, and amazing integrity.

Our Mission

To carry on the spirit and legacy of Adriana Madrigal and her quest to always stay true to herself. Adriana lived a life of humbleness, honesty, kindness, happiness, and always gave back to others and her community. Her outlook in life was enthusiastic and she looked to the future regardless of her current situation. She achieved what she set her mind to and our hope is to help others do the same by easing the worries and limitations that come with financial road blocks. The Adriana Foundation wishes to award scholarships to like-minded students in order to carry on her legacy and to enhance the community by providing a conduit for leadership growth. The current scholarship will provide funds for students who focus on educational and leadership opportunities in our community who otherwise would not be able to afford associated costs.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our outlook is to facilitate the continuation of education and leadership in our local youth by providing scholarships and funding so that they can achieve their goals and leave an impact on our communities.

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